welcome to my site

As an older but experienced motorbiker(50 years old)I decided to really enjoy myself before it's too see the world is something one likes or not..

My interest in other cultures only increased after my Africa trip!!!

It's a great feeling to see how people live in other continents...

that's why I wanted to experience it on my motorbike..

Travelling by motorbike got lots of advantages..because one does not depend on local public transport at can reach places where others can't come..

and the contact with the local people is much more easier and direct..

Furthermore it's possible to regulate one's own tempo and stop wherever one likes

After a discussion with my wife..I got the permission to travel for 4 months..

This time my motorbike trip will bring me through Latin America..and again this trip will be linked to a good cause(click here for more information)

On this website I'll let you all enjoy about my travel preparations and adventures!!

enjoy reading,please!!

A lot of information which is mentionned on this website I obtained via other websites,books,and useful tips from other travellers..and from my own travel experiences as well..

Translation Emiel Eyckmans